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Keith Kelley continues to serve


At 37, Keith Kelley was self-employed and had been running his own landscaping business for more than 15 years. That was 1986, and the times, they were a changin’ in Las Vegas. Kelley, now 68, thought he needed a change too so he jumped off his career path and found a different one. His new path led to real estate and for Kelley, proved to be his own personal yellow brick road.

More than three decades later, real estate has become a passion for Kelley. Since becoming a REALTOR® after his mid ‘80s career path swap, Kelley has seen just about every peak and valley of Nevada’s real estate landscape. And while Kelley has seen plenty, he knows he hasn’t seen it all and that’s what he loves about the real estate industry.

“You never have the same transaction. Every single one is different,” Kelley said. “You have so many things that can happen - different clients, different properties. Some are similar but never the same. It’s nice to have people come back. They recommend you and use your services again. But the industry is always changing.” Read more here.


Helping REALTORS® understand inherent dangers of profession still priority for NAR’s Past President


Chris Polychron made REALTOR® safety a priority during his tenure as NAR President in 2015. He’s still passionate about the issue. That was evident when he spoke on the subject at the Rocky Mountain Region XI Conference in late April in Colorado Springs, CO.

Polychron was in his final months as NAR President-Elect when news broke nationally of the murder of Arkansas REALTOR® Beverly Carter. That tragedy was a trigger for Polychron’s safety agenda as president. “You may remember, Beverly Carter was killed during my tenure,” Polychron said to a group of roughly 300 in attendance.

“I had the family come and talk one day and when they were done, there was not a dry eye in the crowd. I had to speak that day too and anyone who was there will tell you I couldn’t finish my speech. I’d never been so emotional and I made a pledge that I’d try to make a focus of REALTOR® safety.” View the complete article here.

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