Expand Your Reach with a Mobile Website

More than ever, the business of real estate is being conducted on mobile devices. Clients want to get property information on their mobile devices, and as realtors, you want to reach those prospective clients who may be searching on their mobile device. It's estimated that by the year 2014, the number of people using the internet on their smartphones will outnumber those using desktop computers. Will you and your business be ready?

The Nevada Association of REALTORS® is excited to announce a new partnership with RightMobileApps.com, a division of eDigital Partners. RightMobileApps is now offering individual MOBILE WEBSITES to our members at an exclusive price not available to the general public. Nevada Association of REALTORS® members will receive their own personalized mobile website for the price of $349--that's 30% off the standard price of $4991. This offer is available exclusively to NVAR members. Use your SmartPhone and go to the NVAR web site and see for yourself what they can create for you.

As a REALTOR®, having your own mobile website is a huge advantage for your business and a great way to attract new clients. With a professionally designed mobile website, you can expand your accessibility to existing clients and better reach out to new ones. To learn more how to get your new mobile website up and running, click here.

1 A monthly hosting fee is required and is in addition to the price of $349.