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NVAR welcomes new association leaders

As the year comes to a close, the state’s five local REALTOR® associations are preparing for new leadership in 2017. Dave Tina, and Greg Martin, NVAR's 2016 and 2017 Presidents respectively, along with the staff here at NVAR, know how valuable all the REALTOR® members are who volunteer their time to make the profession better.

It's time to congratulate, thank and wish the best for the incoming 2017 local association presidents across the Silver State. Dave J. Tina (GLVAR), John Graham (RSAR), Sandy Wakefield (ECAR), Steve Bohler (SNAR) and Gail L. Krolick (IVBR) make up the group of soon-to-be association presidents. Chris Bishop (GLVAR), Doug McIntyre (RSAR), Marcella Syme (ECAR), Sandee Smith (SNAR) and Todd Disbrow (IVBR) will serve as president-elects for the fast approaching new year.

All of these talented professionals will serve on NVAR’s 2017 Board of Directors. The entire 2017 NVAR BOD list can be found here. NVAR wishes all of 15,000-plus Nevada REALTORS® a happy holiday season as we all look forward to a prosperous 2017.

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Ten X's hottest single-family markets this fall

Vegas knocks Seattle from Top 5 for first time in over a year

TenXEarlier this week, Ten-X, the online real estate marketplace, released its Top Single-Family Housing Markets Report for Fall 2016, which ranks the nation's 50 largest housing markets according to current and forecasted housing fundamentals. Among the 50 largest US markets, the Top 5 (in order) were Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach County, Tampa, Orlando and Las Vegas, each demonstrating a vigorous combination of consistently strong demand, home price appreciation, and economic and demographic growth.

Though Florida markets continued to dominate the rankings for a second season, there was some movement within the Top 5. Fort Lauderdale overtook Palm Beach County as the hottest market, dropping Palm Beach down a notch, while Tampa remains unchanged in third place. Orlando fell from second place to fourth place while Las Vegas climbed to fifth, edging Seattle out of the top five for the first time in more than a year. Read more here.

How Tesla caused home prices to soar in this Nevada town

What happens when a flashy luxury carmaker decides to open a massive factory in a desert town? Home sales and prices get a boost? Tesla (TSLA) started construction on the lithium ion battery producing Gigafactory outside Sparks, Nevada, in June 2014. But talk about a factory had been swirling before that. From the time the rumors began, the median home price in Sparks have shot up nearly 42%, according to ATTOM Data Solutions. During that same time period, home prices nationwide rose 31%.

CEO Elon Musk referenced plans for a Gigafactory in a November 2013 Tesla earnings call. "We're talking about something that's comparable to all lithium ion production in the world in one factory. Big," he said in response to an analyst's question, according to a transcript of the call. Read the entire story here.

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Stacking Up: Nevada eclipses national average for REALTOR® designations earned

There is growing sentiment that becoming a REALTOR® should require tougher standards, specifically more robust training and education. Given that groundswell from inside and outside the REALTOR® community, continuing education classes and earned designations will be seen more as necessities than luxuries.

NAR’s state education directors released a breakdown, listing the number of designations earned by REALTORS® in every state. Nevada’s 15,300 REALTORS have earned 4,509 designations, just less than one designation for every three REALTORS, but well above the 1-in-4 national average. Designations come in all shapes and sizes, distinguishing REALTORS for everything from expertise in social media and emerging technology (e-PRO) to a heightened proficiency in handling transactions for military personnel (MRP).

Read the entire story here.

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Huffington Post: Why Reno should be on your list of 'must-see' cities

Reno has been percolating with opportunity that is now being realized in community-focused gentrification- and I’m loving it. I used to think of Reno as a gateway to Tahoe, but a recent trip to “The Biggest Little City in the World” has flipped my script. I now view Reno as a trendy and entertaining stand-alone destination that allows me to carry a cup of wine around my neck as I walk along the river flowing through its center. I struck gold when I “discovered” Reno.

There’s a few reasons you should shimmy into a plane seat headed for a Reno vacay, or maybe even score in their real estate market before it’s gobbled up by hipster Millennials. Read the complete story here.

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