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Defeat The Margin Tax

NVAR has joined the Coalition to Defeat the Margin Tax, and we need your help to reject this harmful tax at the ballot box this November. Lear how you can help!

Economy Moving Closer To Normal

After half a year of failed predictions and slow starts, the U.S. economy actually appears to be closing in on normal, according to Freddie Mac's latest Economic and Housing Market Outlook.

FICO Scoring Changes May Help More Qualify for Mortgages

FICO, the nation's most popular credit-scoring system, announced it is tweaking some of the criteria used in coming up with consumers' scores, which could help consumers save more money in qualifying for mortgages and other types of loans.

You're Going To Be Serving More Immigrants

From 2010 to 2020, immigrants could account for more than one-third of the growth in home owners as well as one-quarter of the growth in renter households, according to the Research Institute for Housing America.

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