• The Nevada Association of Realtors ® (NVAR) received an $80,000 Ira Gribin Workforce Housing Grant from the National Association of Realtors ®.

    The Nevada Association of Realtors, in partnership with its local REALTOR Associations and the Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority, Reno Housing Authority and the Nevada Rural Housing Authority, will use these funds to assist working individuals with their initial security deposit through a no interest loan program to move into rental property that the Housing Authority owns or manages. Working individuals, who meet specific qualifications, as defined by the grant and Housing Authority guidelines, may have the opportunity to tap into this Security Deposit grant money.


    For more information on the Realtors Security Deposit program contact:


    Jo Ann Ellers, 775.329.3630, ext 244, Reno Housing Authority. You may also visit

    Las Vegas

    Zelda Ellis, 702.922.7020, Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority (SNRHA). You may also visit 

    Rural - Northern Nevada

    Nicole Larrimore at or Tammy Lancaster at  (775) 887-1794 at Nevada Rural Housing Authority.

    Nevada Association of REALTORS

    Karen Walker, 775.829.5911.

  • The Security Deposit program is intended for properties that the Nevada Housing Authorities (Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority, Reno Housing Authority, and Nevada Rural Housing Authority) own or manage.


    Applicants for the REALTOR Security Deposit Program will be employed and selected based on need.

    If an applicant is eligible to lease the unit, however is unable due to lack of funds for the security deposit, that applicant would be referred to the Support Services Department to be approved to access the funds needed. They will complete the Housing Authorities application, as well as the REALTORS Repayment Agreement form. 

    The tenant is responsible to repay the full security deposit amount within 12 months of the date of the signed agreement. 

    The security deposit cannot be used for unpaid rent. 

    Once the tenant has paid the loan back, the Housing Authority will treat the tenant in the same manner as any of their other clients who receive assistance. 

    Residents owing a balance due to damages or rent owed are referred to the Authority’s collection agency. Internal procedures (loss of housing assistance, eviction) would apply if the repayment agreement was not kept. Also, it is a HUD regulation that anyone owing money to another agency cannot be housed or receive assistance. All money received will be placed back into the program. 

    Upon the tenant moving out, if there were no damages and the security deposit was paid in full, the security deposit money will be returned to the tenant.